Our consultancy and software development company Wigboo Ltd is based from Alderley Edge in Cheshire. The company was established in 2010.

We believe in communication and good customer service and aim to build long term business relationships with our clients. We are approachable and friendly and want the service that we offer you to be of the highest quality and our software to be robust, thoroughly tested, fit for purpose and reliable. These are our goals and mission.


Creative software ideas

Dom has been involved in consultancy and software development for over 30 years.

He has during his career worked on projects and software development for multi million pound companies like Homebase, Bang & Olufsen, Friday Media Group and Sagenta. He has created, designed, developed, implemented and maintained many systems soley under his responsibility over the years in industries including insurance and recruitment.

He has also created from scratch (without paying for Google, Facebook or any other online advertising platforms) three of the UK's largest classified websites. Two of these websites were sold to Friday Media Group. The most recent website was achieving over 350,000 visitors and over 6.5 million page views Per Month within 2 years of start-up. Even though these websites now no longer look the same as when Dom sold them he became renowned for his 'thinking outside the box' mind set.

After selling the websites he was regularly a consultant to Friday Media Group on its overall business models and methods.

Dom's think out side the box and a 'can do' attitude along with an innovative talent are what makes him good at what he does.

As well as commercial projects for other businesses his most recent personal projects have included a boating website, a cloud based boat stock management system that integrates with the website, built with substantial back end management and automation systems enabling them to run with very little human interaction.


Rob Paterson (Linkedin)

I've worked with Dom a number of times since 2004 on various website projects. Dom's incredible work rate and attention to detail means he's easy to recommend. But Dom brings something much more valuable than hard work to any project, he has demonstrated several times really innovative approaches to solving problems. Problems that others have said were impossible Dom has solved and usually in an original but pragmatic way. A pleasure to work with

Ian Partington (Linkedin)

It has been a privilege working with Dom over the last couple of years whilst developing the Gunstar business. Dom's enthusiasm and 'can do' attitude to developing is rare in my experience. His ability to get into the detail of a project and to build sites from no traffic to extensive traffic without spending money on paid advertising, a feat he achieved with Horsemart and Gunstar is remarkable and it has meant that we have been able to become market leaders with these sites Dom will add value to any business

Joanne Graham (Google Review)

Thanks Dom for so quickly producing such a great website to manage and take orders for my webinars. It will make it so much easier and quicker for me to manage. After going live for only a day the website has taken loads of bookings very smoothly with many clients emailing me to say what a great site and how easy it was to use. Thanks again. Jo

Austin Ambrose (Google Review)

Dom is a very talented analyst and developer indeed. His work has been transformational and supports the majority of our business processes. The applications and middleware developed connect all of our disparate systems and make our workflow simple and seamless.

Stacey Chapman (Google Review)

Dom is fantastic and following the innovations he has implemented within the PMA, we are really impressed with what has been achieved through IT automation. Strengthening of processes and developing a platform that continues to grow with superb outcomes. Thanks Dom.

Darren Smith (Google Review)

Dom (Wigboo Ltd) has helped us build a bespoke and secure e-sign document solution. Dom has time and time again accepted our challenging scope and proved his ability to provide technical and customer friendly solutions. Thanks Dom

Moses Giwa (Linkedin)

Dom is well versed in his profession. Demonstrating a robust set of skills, he is also a very strategic thinker. Always thinking of ways to improve existing systems, having a can-do attitude towards projects we have worked on together. He is a very genuine and supportive individual to have in the workplace. Absolute joy to work with.

Alex Milton (Google Review)

During his time at ME Digital and again, at Wigboo, Dom has done a range of work for my firm, including platform development, support, and penetration assessment. I have always found Dom to be enthusiastic, hard working and intuitive. Above all, he demonstrates huge amounts of experience which he proactively applies to everything that he does. He actively keeps himself up to date with the latest technologies and methods, and adapts well to utilise these. I cannot recommend Dom strongly enough to anyone considering working with him.