Having your software made especially for you sounds like it will be an expensive 'do'. But we may surprise you. The initial outlay will be more expensive than ‘out of the box’ systems but the benefits and the fact that you will not be paying any subscription service for years and having a system that can grow with your needs are likely to mean it's a worthwhile investment


We do believe in offering value for money for our skills and experience. We realise that having bespoke software is an investment and often a scary decision. However we are sure its one that you will not regret.


Software development prices

You want to keep tight hold of your hard earned money so we offer hourly rates, ½ day rates, Full day rates, week rates or monthly rates to fit with your budget. We can also offer you a plan like 1 day a week for 1 month as an example. Please see our Pricing table below and contact us with your requirements.


Per Hour
£75 +vat
Half Day
£250 +vat
£450 +vat


Half day
£300 +vat
Full Day
£500 +vat

Initial Consultation for bespoke software development

is a Free 30 minute telephone consultation.

The consultancy service

covers, systems, processes & software.


Prices are as a guide and subject to change. Pricing will depend on the project type, complexity and duration. For a quote please contact us

Our hours of work are based on 9 am - 5 pm, Monday to Friday working from our offices. Full Day = 7 hours, 1/2 day = 3.5 hours

We are happy to visit and do work at your place of work by prior arrangement. Please contact us if you would like us to work from your office

All prices are subject to VAT at 20%


The time a project takes will depend on the type of project. Without discussing the project in detail we are unable to guess a timescale. A quote will detail the outline of the project, the cost and the likely time scales.

Software development duration

On approval we will then prepare a full specification of the process for approval before proceeding further. We use software to keep you updated and informed about the process. Software development is often a complex process which needs to be fluid in its production. With the emphasis on flexibility and adaptability should there be any amendments, additions or changes requested or we feel an addition / change or removal would benefit the project to the original specification, we will advise on the time scale and price amendment if applicable for approval prior to making the changes. All the details will be documented.